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Alexa and Googlehome Skill Development


Today mobile is a vital accessory but voice is going to be added soon in the list. In past, technology has given has so many useful stuffs which will be outdated very soon.

New technology comes when previous get stable. Now it’s a turn for Alexa/Google Home which is going to write another milestone in the evolution of technology. Getting your job done by pressing a button was so convenient but what if you don’t even have to go sklep closer to your device to press button. You just need to speak out your command & Alexa/Google Home will serve your request. It can control anything connected to world wide web.


Domestic use cases:

-> You can ask it to control your home appliances, garage door

-> You can ask for weather, music, news or joke

-> Even you can ask any question from history or can play knowledge round with it


Commercial use cases:

-> You can order a pizza, burger or your favorite shirt.

-> You can design your own system for smart home. Scope of your new friend is not limited and it can do lot more exciting things. Just jump into it and feel the difference.


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